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Saturday, January 3, 2015

And so the holidays are over

It's Saturday evening, and the Christmas holidays are nearly over.

Done with all the feasting (bad for the diet, anyway!) and doing nothing important. Next Monday it's back to work for most of us. The batteries are charged however, thanks to our trip to Switzerland and the week at the coast.

We can endure six more weeks of (strenuous) work until another week's holiday announces itself. Then it's time to celebrate Carnival. Not that we like it a lot, but schools close for a week and we can enjoy some free time at the coast again.

No trips coming up until May. You can't make 9 trips every year.... The finances need a new injection and we want to do something different. Like going to France instead of Great-Britain. We plan on visiting La Rochelle and also Saint Raphael this year. And we have booked a trip to Rome, Italy. For the rest, it will depend - you never know what may come.

For good intentions, I'll try to keep off the sugar a bit more. I'm trying already, but I can do better (I hope). My sister also wants to lose some pounds.

So, how has the year begun for you guys?

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