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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Disturbance in the night

When you live near a very busy road, and also close to a railroad crossing, it's inevitable you'll see accidents happen.

Up to now, we've been lucky no car has ever hit our front wall. But two houses removed, they are not so lucky.

Last year already, a car 'flew' over the crossing and landed in the garden of our neighbors. The past night, it was the same once more. The road was not yet slippery (the forecast had predicted sleet in the early hours of the morning) so we assume the accident happened by driving too fast (or under influence). A car drove with great speed over the railroad crossing, missed the slight turn and landed upside down. It crashed the stone garden fence of our neighbors, which had just been repaired from the previous crash. I hope they have a good insurance!

The driver came to no harm. Luck is with the fools, they say, and it must be true. But the car was a total loss.

The police came to check the accident spot and afterwards the fire brigade had to remove the spoilt oil from the street surface. It took more than 2 hours before everything was cleared and we could go to bed once more. It happened around 4 a.m. and we were in bed again by 6 a.m.

Will catch our beds somewhat earlier tonight!

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