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Monday, January 26, 2015

Drone or spy?

Lately, the newspaper and other media have been full of reports about drones. Drones flying around and filming our every day life.

A couple from Ghent complains they saw a drone outside their bedroom window and it filmed their activities inside. (Now I do ask: didn't they have curtains? I always close my curtains before going to bed.)

As always, there are pro's and contra's for the use of drones. They can come in quite handy for certain purposes, but they can also be used to spy upon people.

What concerns myself, I don't mind being spied upon as I have nothing to hide. As I live near a busy railroad already, I'm used to trains passing by and passengers looking into my garden. I guess if they try they can also see me sitting behind my computer! So what more can a drone do?

But others think differently. Most people don't appreciate being watched by others. And my experience tells me that those who complain the most about being spied on, are those who'd LOVE to have a look into their neighbor's home...

What do you think of it?

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