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Thursday, January 29, 2015


You know how it goes... You've been living in a neighborhood for ages, and you were friends with the kids next door.

The same goes for my sister and I. When we were kids, next door to us lived Christel and next to her Marian. Both were of the same agegroup as my sister, so they often played together (I did less, as I was older and this caused more problems when we were young).

But then, growing up, Christel met Edwin and Marian fell in love with Donald. They both married and went to live elsewhere.

At first, we often met and called. But as time went by the contact got restricted to a card for Christmas and one for the birthdays.

Sometimes Christel dropped by when she came to see her parents (who also moved when her dad inherited a big house from his father). The last time we saw her she said we should get together, along with Marian.

And it finally happened yesterday. The four girls of the neighborhood met at last over dinner. And it was fun! The food was good and also the company. Now we intend to do this regularly - and I'm certain it will happen.

Do you often meet with your old friends?

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