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Monday, July 20, 2015

Europe: union or divorce?

I've always been wary of the European Union. Being a keen fan of history, I never saw how different European nations could join in one union. We're much too aware of our nationaltiy. Can you imagine France, Great-Britain or Germany to share the same laws and prices?

Now, with the soap around a Grexit, it has become more and more obvious the European model doesn't work. Germany - with Angela Merkel - has finally done what neither the Kaiser nor Hitler could manage: be the boss in the whole of Europe.

For a change, I totally agree with my fellow-countryman Guy Verhofstadt, a liberal. Only yesterday he mentioned in one of his speeches that either Europe should be one politically, or otherwise we can all better return to our former monetary values. Return of the Frank?

Today, in our national newspaper, there was already speculation about which would end first: the European Union or the kingdom Belgium. We have a mainly nationalist government, who like Flanders to be independent.

Most likely I'll see more changes in the rest of my lifetime. I've seen so many already - I can entrance classes of nowadays pupils just by telling how we moved from the old telephone to the smartphone or from writing messages on slips of paper to instant messaging.

Any others who like to share their opinion?

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