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Friday, July 3, 2015

How do you cope with heat?

As we're into our fourth or fifth day of extreme heat (which we normally don't have in our part of the world) I sometimes wonder how people cope with these extreme temperatures.

The humidity in the air is very high over here, so when it's over 30° Celsius, it feels like it's 50°. The sweat doesn't dry and remains on the skin. Not very pleasant, as  you can't just hop under the shower as you need to be careful with water...

I try to remain indoors as much as possible and don't do anything strenuous. When you just sit on the sofa and read a book you can cope. Running a couple of times upstairs to fetch things is not a good idea... nor is cleaning or ironing.

But despite the heat, I can eat just the same as always and I also sleep very well. I just open all the upstair windows when I go to bed and don't cover myself with a sheet. Just wear light cotton pajamas.

I remember another warm summer when we were staying at the coast (and we don't have airco there). It was 30° inside the flat (and perhaps 35° outside) and we were eating .... cajun stew! The sweat ran down my face into my plate but I ate with apetite as the dish was very spice, which I like.

When the temperatures drop a bit, we sit outside and have a glass of cooled drink (can be water with a bit of lemon in it, or a glass of white wine, or one of our excellent Belgian beers). That's pure heaven!

And what about you?

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