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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's time for the holidays!

As it is 1st July, our two-month-long summer vacation has officially started. It's been pretty busy around the airports already.

Where do you like to spend your holiday? Do you want to linger at a beach (mind, that can be dangerous - see what happened in Tunesia!) or do you prefer the great outdoors? Or do you rather visit a city where there is a lot of culture?

Do you go trekking with tent and rucksack, or do you prefer a comfortable hotel bed?

Do you prefer a hotel or a B&B?

My sister and I prefer to go exploring. We like to visit different countries and cities, and we take time to visit a museum or any other cultural venue. But we also like to see a good show (whether it's classical, musical theater, a play, a pop concert) and we like to go dining when on holiday. Every now and then we like to sit an hour or so at a beach and go swimming in the ocean or sea. Right now we've planned a trip to Saint Raphael in the south of France, but that is mainly because we know the owners of the B&B we're staying at and it is meant to be a decompression cure for my sister, who almost got to a breakdown while trying to figure out the administration of 18 schools, on her own! One full week of doing just nothing will be exacty what she needs right now. Not thinking of the job will take some time, but I'll get her there. I have learned to cope better with stress and I can change modes as soon as I get home. Work is work, no more than that. And at home I like to do what I want without thinking of school or kids.

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