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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Open the hunt!

Did you also hear about the American hunter who deliberately killed - slayed - one of Zimbabwe's most beloved lions?

I think we live in a civilized world (although, sometimes you can doubt that, seeing all the atrocities which happen in parts more or less civilized...) in which we don't have to hunt anymore to eat.

I truly understand that ages ago it was necessary to hunt and kill animals. When they'd drop you at an unhabited place, you'd hunt and kill to, just to survive. But then you'd only take what you need, right?

Nowadays, people just want to hunt and kill for fun - and for prestige. It sounds nice to tell your 'friends' you have two elephants, one lion and one rhinoceros on your count. Such people pay high prices to get what they want.

But public opinion is against them. The American vet is now a hunted animal himself. Yes, an animal. I don't have a high opinion for people who kill for fun. I hope he'll have to stay in hiding for the rest of his life and that this will be an example for all others who like to go hunting in Africa!

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