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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Reserve your spot with a towel

In summer, you can read funny things in your morning newspaper. Like today. Apparently, lots of hotels in Spain and Turkey are experiencing a real race in the early morning to put down towels on the chairs in the shade or near the swimming pool...

You'd imagine that someone who takes a holiday would want to sleep well and long. But no, around 6 a.m. the first one already appear to put down their towel to mark their territory.

Of course, this is not forbidden. But it's also not forbidden to take away that towel and put it somewhere else...

Well, you'll never catch me doing this. For me a holiday is something different than lying at the beach or pool all day. I want to see things, explore new territories. We were at the French Riviera two weeks ago, but have never been to any beach. We have been sailing though, and have walked a lot, despite the heat of around 33°C. I admit, we went for a swim on our return to the B&B, but then we only swam some lenghts and went back to our room to dress for dinner.

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