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Monday, August 24, 2015

Autumn is already here

What a 'summer' we've had! Wasn't it for our two trips to the south of France and Rome, we wouldn't have but two or three sunny days in entirely two months!

I don't know what 'warming the Earth' is supposed to mean, but I know it doesn't mean we get warmer summers and colder winters. On the contrary, the last few years our weather has turned more or less the same throughout the year. Sometimes we have better days and temperatures in November or December. While I don't complain about mild winters, I'd like to see some more sunshine when it's supposed to be summer.

A bit of sunshine does you a lot of good. It improves the mood, for starters. My sister doesn't complain, though. Her job demands she starts already working as of today, and she doesn't mind it rains or shines when cooped up in her office.

How's the weather where you guys find yourselves?

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