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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Belgian sex therapist becomes TV star in the UK

Has anyone watched the Channel 4 progam about sex at school? It was presented by our very own Goedele Liekens. Goedele (a true Flemish first name) is a former Miss Belgium but she also took a university course in sexuology. So she truly knows what she's speaking of.

Liekens became already popular through various programs on Belgian and Dutch TV, but now she was asked by the English to present a program about sex for kids at school. She did this in a very informal way - and the English liked it! Already the next day she had to come to various talk shows and conducted interviews. The BBC has also asked her to do a program for them, but she hasn't yet said 'yes'.

Goedele herself is the mother of two daughters and she knows what problems parents have to talk about sex with their children. But she thinks this should start at an early age.

Apparently, in Great Britain there is a problem with sex. Boys think that 'good' sex is what they see in porn films and their girlfriends should be satisfied with such a treatment. And lots of girls don't know a thing about their vagina.

I won't claim that in Belgium everyone knows everything about sex and sexuality, but at least a great deal does. We teach boys and girls not to consent to sex when there is no feeling attached. We teach them to say 'no' when they don't like what a boy or girl is doing. I have students in my classes (mostly 17 to 18 years old) who never had sex before. I tell them that's ok, they just need to wait until the right person passes by.

How does it go where you live?

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