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Monday, August 17, 2015

Belgian's pride: the 'frietkot'

What do you do when you find out one evening that you haven't got all the ingredients to cook a decent meal? Can happen, yes?

Well, you take your purse and you head over to the nearest frietkot. A translation for those who don't understand: friet = pommes frites, fries, kot = little shack. Every town and village has at least one frietkot. You can eat there really cheap. A true frietkot doesn't only sell frites, but also sauses (the favorite still being mayonaise), all kind of meat balls and such, Flemish stew, and also drinks.

We used to go to frietkot Capri, but the owner has retired and a new one came, but she doesn't bake the frites like before. So we had to pick a new one. We went just across the street and we were very lucky to find a place where the owner still cuts his frites by hand and masters the skill of frying them. Yes, that's a skill. Most people wouldn't know how to do it right. We enjoyed our 'pakje friet' with a drink while on the square a pop band was playing.

An enjoyable evening!

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