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Monday, August 10, 2015

Coast fills up for final top weekend

It's pretty busy here at the North Sea coast. We noticed it in our apartment block as well: more and more owners return for a stay at their flat. The reason? It's pretty fair weather (most of the time sunny and quite warm) and of course at the end of this week is August 15th, a catholic holiday.

While we come to our flat whenever we have time - and we never rent it out - most owners only visit at some given times, like Christmas, Easter and this coming weekend. Lots of people put up their flat for rent, to pay the state taxes on property and the province taxes on second homes and such.

We never considered this. I wouldn't like the idea of strangers using the items I use, or sleeping in my bed... even though you change the sheets! Plus, to my experience, renting out causes nothing but trouble. I hear it every day from owners who do. On their return they find things destroyed, or furniture burned with cigarettes while smoking is not allowed. Or a dog has peed on the sofa.

What about you?

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