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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Disappointing news

You have to accept misfortunes, but it's not a pleasant duty!

Yesterday evening we got the news (by email) that our flight to Talllinn, Estland was cancelled. The airline proposed two other dates, but they were not acceptable. The first only allowed a stay of two days, and the other would make it way too long. So we took the option of cancelling. Luckily, we booked a hotel where we can also cancel without paying anything.

But now we're looking for a replacement, which is not easy so late in the season. We wanted to go during the Christmas break, and around that time all hotels are pretty full. And some cities are very expensive too in the festive season.

So we'll use the weekend to surf around the net to find something we can also agree on. Someplace north, by preference, but Iceland is already out because of being too expensive to fly to. (Used to think this country was cheap, especially after that volcano outburst some time back.) Not so. We considered Stockholm, but we are already going there next summer, so that would be stupid. Well, we'll see.

If someone has a good suggestion (a destination that isn't too expensive) they can always let me know!

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