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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Glad to see some people dare to take action

How would you react? You are on a plane, a bus, a train.... and you see something suspicious. You assume someone (or more than one) plan to carry out a terrorist attack. What would you do? Just sit in your chair and do nothing because you're afraid, or jump up and act yourself?

Luckily, yesterday evening there were a couple of people on the Thalys train who took the second option. They figured out you can better die fighting than remain a lamb to the slaughter. Some Americans and one Brit could neutralize the assumed terrorist and nothing really happened.

To my experience, not a lot of people dare to take action. Most freeze just out of terror - or it doesn't interest them. I've seen situations like the one where a whole bunch of people was watching while two youngsters were trying to murder a third guy. They even cheered them on! That was in a classroom where I entered as the new teacher... I was so mad that I grabbed both boys by the hair (and janked it a bit) and held them apart, while I ordered two of the other students to run to the headmaster and tell him what was happening. None of these guys complained afterwards that I had hurt them a little... And luckily the one they were beating was not too bad in a state yet. A couple of days in the hospital and he was able to return to school, albeit to another class.

So you can guess I would also go for the second option when finding myself in a situation like the one on the Thalys. I'm not young anymore, but I still know how to go for those places which hurt. There's a lot you can do with a bunch of keys, or just with a hand or finger.

What about you?

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