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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Making your own furniture

My sister is one of those persons who like to create. (Well, I also like to create, but I'm quite clumsy in doing chores, I write books -which she can't.) She's a great cook, but she also loves to make her own pieces of furniture, just like our dad did when he was still alive.

Today she has been constructing little cupboards in which you can put up things. All she needs are a couple of boards and she can start. She has her own material (like an electric saw, a drill, just name it) and then she plans what to do. I am there to fetch and collect (which is what I'm good for, she says) and hold planks steady. I'm also quite handy in destructing! When it's not important what happens with something, just hand it over to me and I'll break it or tear it apart.

Here's an example of a TV cupboard she made some time ago:

What do you think of this? Better still, she's made an entire dressing in the bedroom, suited to all our needs.

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