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Friday, August 14, 2015

Our online privacy

Are you a user of Windows? Then you'll problably have got the 'good' news you can download Windows 10 FOR FREE. But know that at the same time, you'll be giving Microsoft permission to use all your personal data. Nothing is ever free, got it?

Of course, there are ways to protect your privacy with the new Windows 10. But then you need a lot of time and you'll have to read all the small letters.

These days, our privacy is big business online. Just Google a holiday destination, and then open up Facebook. Be sure to find a list of hotels or restaurants or plane tickets for that same destination! If you look for shoes on the internet, you'll get advertisements even by mail.

As you can see, this can really go very far. So if you really want to protect your privacy, either you don't go on the internet or you make sure you don't share too much info about yourself.

Btw, when I post this blog and go to my Facebook account, I'm sure to find some ads for hotels in Penzance, South Cornwall (UK) because I googles this some time ago as a possible destination for a holiday next year....

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