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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The devastating force of nature

During the past night, a devastating thunderstorm with hurricane force tore over Flanders. Especially West Flanders was hit severely. Houses were torn apart - a couple woke up to find half of their neigbor's roof in their bed.

On the other hand, where we live, we only saw a couple of flashes and heard a few thunderbolts. It barely woke me up. I suppose I only woke because I needed to go to the toilet...

The presence of two streams keeps away most of the severe storms, we have learned throughout time. While it can spook just across the bridge, we don't get any rain or worse.

The worst that ever happened here was a tornado tearing along the railroad. At random it destructed houses left or right. We live on the right, but here the tornado took left. Not a pane from the roof, while across the railroad all houses were down.

They predict more lightning for tonight. Hopefully we'll be safe once more!

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