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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This makes my old heart proud

I have a profile on Facebook. Not so much to post things about myself (I don't want to invite burglars!) but mainly to read news about my old friends and ex-students.

It's hearthwarming to see how most of my old students are really doing well! I've worked for the longest part at a school in Temse (Belgium) and lots of these guys have befriended me on Facebook. Some girls have married boys who were also in my classes and proudly show pictures of their offspring. Others have started their own business.

Not so long ago, a van stopped at the curb and a man got out. "Hello Mrs Moens!" he yelled from far. "Did you see my van? I put my name correctly on it, see?" That made me laugh. How often did I not tell my students (especially those in options preparing for a manual job) they should place their first name before their family name. So this young man was ever so proud he did it right! He owned his own transport firm by now and is doing well.

Another of my old students regularly get in the spotlights. He has created a company, Addmyberry, which creates t-shirts with a QR code. Well known artists (Luc Tuymans), designers (Tim Van Steenbergen) and top chefs (Sergio Hermanc) already worked with them. And if you remember that little guy....

Another one studied in London and is now a well-known biologist, who fights for the preservation of our Earth. He was the one who dared to put a push pin on my chair, in the hope I would sit down. But of course I knew what those guys were up to and I had checked before. So the pin was on HIS chair... The whole class was laughing when he sat down!

Some of the rather plain girls have turned into real beauties and proud wives and mama's. So never worry about your looks when you are young!

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