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Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016 - the year icons pass away

This morning, we heard the news that Gaston Berhgmans (aged 90) had died early this morning. Together with his partner, Leo Martin, he was famous for his sketches and comedy acts.

In my youth, you couldn't have a good night out if you hadn't seen Gaston & Leo, as they were called. Their most famous act is 'Joske Vermeulen' - where someone makes a telephone call to his friend's house (and remember, this was in the 70's) and the young (!) son of the house picks up the phone. The most famous sentence from this sketch is when Joske repeats his address time and again - Joske Vermeulen, Trammesantlei, Schoten"...

Gaston is not the first one to die this year. Many a famous person has gone before. Think of Bowie, Prince, ... and most likely, more will follow. No wonder, as they are all children of the years after the war, when lots of babies were born. They all are in their seventies or early eighties, and then it's only natural that some of them will die.

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