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Friday, May 27, 2016

BK Staken

For those who don't understand: BK means Belgian Championship, staken means 'going on strike'.

Since we're 'blessed' with strikes practically every day now, an IT-student thought of making a website in which strikes are evaluated and given points. The actual strike of yesterday and today gets silver!

How are strikes rated?

- extra points for the most disturbance: thousands of people who can't get to work, for instance

- extra's for going unannounced (better surprise element)

- etc.

You can just as well laught at it, right? The strikes today and yesterday didn't disturb my day, nor that of my sister as she works close to home. Trains are passing by (we can view them at the end of our garden) but less than normal. That is because some trains come from Wallony, where the strike is general. These Walloons intend to go until the government falls.

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