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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Days of protest

Today there was a big demonstration against the government, taking place in Brussels. It is not the first of this kind, nor will it be the last one!

People just aren't satisfied with what the goverment does (or rather, doesn't do). Every day, you may expect a new rule - you have to work longer (for some people, it can be 7 years!), they want to do away with the 38-hours week, you have to pay more for drinks, for electricity, there is an extra tax because the government gave subsidies too freely, ...

But the rich get richer. Never in the world it is easier for a company to evade taxes. And those who park their country in Panama or other tax havens are not punished either. That stings with most people. They could bear all the afore mentioned measures if the rich were equally taxed. Where is the fairness?

I wonder if this government will be able to continue for much longer?

And it's not only here. Also in France there are strikes galore.

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