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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Finding someone to do little chores

... can be very difficult here in Belgium. When you need work done, there are plenty of companies to be found in the region where you live. But once you contact them, and they find out it's only for a small job (not much to earn), they just quit.

I had a roofworker over last week, because some work needs to be done to the drain and the chimney. He took a (brief) look and said he'd drop an estimate in my letterbox next week. It's exactly one week past, and I haven't heard a word.

Did not expect it either. You can tell by the way they act, don't you?

So up to the next one. I still have some names on my list. But as a friend told me, it will be difficult finding someone. If the problem had been at the flat at the coast, the work had already been done. In that region there are plenty of folk who do small chores - as there are so many holiday flats to maintain.

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