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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Household robot?

A Belgian scientist, now working for an American university, is in the process of creating a robot which could be active in the household.

It will take up to 10 years, but then you'll be able to buy a robot which can move around in the house, fold towels (?), load and unload the dishwasher, ...

Not what I would wish, actually. I could go for a robot which masters the art of housekeeping: cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing the windows, ... But I guess I'll be long dead before such a marvel is being created!!!

I admit freely I don't like housekeeping. I need to do it, of course, but my heart is not into it. I clean, I cook when I must, I get groceries, ... but I'd rather sit behind my computer and do some writing!

My sister always laughs at me for hating housework. I could have done with a house full of slaves, I confess. (Am I the reincarnation of some Roman empress, who ruled not only the house but also the state?) I'm very good at giving orders and seeing they are carried out. (I'm less good in following them.)

And what about you? Do you like work in the house?

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