Monday, May 2, 2016

London weekend

We spent the past weekend in London, UK. A short break, but more than excellent!!!

Last year in September we heard that Glen Close was asked to resume her role as Norma Desmond in a 40-days-run of Lloyd-Webber's  Sunset Boulevard at the London Colisseum. We managed to get tickets in the stalls for last Saturday's performance and then of course we also needed a hotel to spend the night there.

Now, as a Hilton Honors member, I had saved up to 100,000 points already and thought this would buy us at least a double room for one night at one of the London Hilton hotels. Comparing hotels, we found the Hilton Bankside, which was not yet open at that time. Therefore, rooms went for lower rates. With the amount of point saved, we were able to book a one-bedroom suite with lounge access!!!

So, in fact, it became a rather cheap weekend. The Eurostar is not that expensive when booked well in advance and the hotel cost us nothing. Being able to enter the executive lounge, we also did not have to pay for breakfast, plus we could have afternoon tea and hors d'oeuvres in the evening (with wine or champage to boot).

As we took an early Eurostar, we could do some shopping as well - London is cheap for buying clothes - and had a nice lunch at Tuttons Brasserie at Covent Garden. We often go to Tuttons when in London, as they always offer the same quality and serve decent portions.

The performance was great. The theatre was full but we had good seats, with a central view on the stage. The ENO orchestra delivered the music. And then the singing! Close - although 69 - still delivered the role like she did twenty years ago. She got a standing ovation. And after the show, we were able to go to the stage door to grab a picture and an autograph (which we managed).

We spent a restful night in our suite (no disturbance whatsoever) and returned back home in the course of Sunday. Tired, but satisfied that the trip was so wonderful!

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