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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The annual circus returns

And we will know it! Yesterday evening the first semi-final of the yearly Eurovision Song Contest took place in Stockholm (Sweden won last year's finale) and tomorrow will be the next one. Belgium is competing in that one.

I don't think Laura Tessoro will make it to the final, though. Flanders is known to make the wrong choice of candidate. The only time they did well was when they sent Tom Dice with "Me and My Guitar", which was a great song of a singer-songwriter.

But win or not, Saturday night, most of Europe (and other parts of the world) will be glued to the screen to see the grand finale. You may expect anything at it. The most special acts, the worst singers, ... And when the commentators are good, you can have fun just watching the show.

Get a big sack of chips and a bottle of wine (or beer) and you're set for the evening!

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