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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Back from our trip

We're back home from our trip to Budapest, Hungary. It was a nice trip, to a city that we want to visit once more in the coming years!

What makes the city this agreeable? Well, not the language (very strange looking, can't understand a word, but nearly everyone speaks either English or German). But there are wide avenues and boulevards, friendly people, lots of café's and restaurants (where you can eat very well for only a few euro - or forint), museums, galleries, shops (and among them a lot you don't find anymore in Belgium).

A lot to see as well, as the town consists of two parts: Pest and Buda. They are both on one side of the Danube river. We stayed in Pest, at the Hilton near the Westend Shopping Center. The whole trip only cost us 1000 Euro, can you imagine? Four nights in a suite and we did not mind our money when eating out.

Now we visited in winter. But in summer there is a lot more to see and do there, so if we return it will be during summer time. If you look at the picture, you'd think it was already spring, because we had very nice and sunny weather during our stay.

I once had a penfriend from Budapest, Timea Nemec. Timea, if you happen to read this by chance, your town is indeed worth a visit!

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