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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas cards

Gr, I'm feeling a bit frustrated! I've been trying to make a unique Christmas card to send out to my friends for most of the morning now. Last year in Copenhagen, we took a cute pic of two ladies spreading around the spirit of Christmas.

I wanted to try and work on this picture, but for one or other mysterious reason my computer keeps telling me he can't save the file! Jerk!

My sister did the same with another picture (New Year's Eve fireworks in London) and on her computer everything works out fine. She has a Surface, while I have one from 2005 (but still working fine most of the time).

In the end, I had to send e-cards from Hallmark but they never are original. Is there someone who could help? If so, please add your comment. Then I'll save it for the next time I want to create  a nice card.

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