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Friday, December 30, 2016

Counting off to 2017

The year 2016 has nearly gone. Not the best of years, with so much terror and war going on. We in Belgium had the attacks on Brussels airport and the Brussels metro. In France they had Nice and Germany had Berlin not so long ago. The Brexit happened.

What will the new year bring? The US will have a new president. I always thought Trump would win the vote. And now my sister can truly say she once told the president of the United States he needed to watch the light (he nearly drove through a red light, practically running us over). Elections are coming up in various countries and we'll have to see what these bring. I suspect extreme right and left are on the rise and will get more and more votes. People want change. Also in our country. Even the industrialists are now against the government Michel.

What is certain is we all get a year older! I turned 60 this year, so from now on it's watching one's health with hawk's eye. My only point of concern is my sugar level. All the rest is still fine. For my sister it's the cholesterol. That's why we try to eat as healthy as possible and cut down on the alcohol. Well, when we are on a trip we still indulge in a good glass, but that is okay according to our doctor.

I hope to see the birth of a new baby - i.e. my latest novel, The Black Coach, which is due to be published in February. I think it's a great story, even if I say it myself.  I always find pleasure in the books I write.

I also hope I'll have enough imagination to continue on the other books I plan. I want to write a sort of Phantom story and also need a sequel to Diamonds for the Devil. I've made a start on both manuscripts and I continue on either of them if the mood catches me. That's not always the case. There are days - weeks, months, years - when I don't feel like putting even one word on paper. But other times I could do several stories at the same time.

What do you hope for 2017???

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