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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dangerous in a Kilt

Please welcome Anna Durand today. Anna is the author of Dangerous in a Kilt, a feisty romance.

To promote the release of this novel, Anna is doing a tour and will be giving away a $20 GC from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble to a randomly drawn commenter via rafflecopter. Please use this link:


Good-girl Erica Teague is out on bail, charged with a crime her ex-lover committed. Her desperate bid to experience one wild night of sizzling sex, before her trial and certain conviction, lands her in the arms of Lachlan MacTaggart, a hot Scot with a secret past. She can't resist his offer to enjoy one month of sex and companionship with no strings. But when their hot fling gets personal, can their passion free their imprisoned hearts?


I swigged my brandy. A flash of fruity sweetness raced over my tongue, chased by a tangy burn. Why was I waiting for a man who didn't have the courtesy to call and cancel? Enough of this. I leaped off the stool onto my five-inch heels and tottered, mirroring my stool's motion. What the hell had I been thinking, wearing stilettos for the first time in my life?

Strong hands grasped my upper arms. "Easy there."

I craned my neck to behold my would-be savior. My heart thudded.

A giant of a man peered down into my eyes, his body towering several inches above me. Whoa, mama. The heels elevated my five-four to five-ten, which must've made him well over six feet tall. Thick muscles in his impossibly broad shoulders flexed as he maintained his hold on me. The lights glistened on his short, dark hair, casting it in unearthly hues. The sensation of his fingers on my skin and the proximity of his body flooded me with heat and my mouth watered at the sight of acres of hard, defined muscles straining his skintight black T-shirt. His powerful thighs vanished under a kilt, its plaid woven in pastel shades of green and blue with orange lines
threaded through them. The blue in the fabric echoed his pale eyes, which studied me with electrifying interest. Black combat boots covered his feet but somehow, combined with his angular features, they lent him a rugged appeal.

I raked my gaze over his body, drinking in every inch of him, until our gazes intersected.

Why Anna loves Scots

What is it about Scotland? Why are Scottish men so hot? Is it all Sean Connery's fault? Well, I'd have to say my introduction to hot Scots probably did come from the original Bond movies, though Connery's Scottishness played no part in the stories. For me, though, the fascination with Scotland stems from my family's background.
I have Scottish ancestry on both my mother's and father's sides of the family, and my dad always loved to celebrate our heritage. Sure, we also have Welsh, French Canadian, German, and some other nationalities in the mix, but Scotland has remained our favorite. My dad liked to experiment with a chanter, a kind of practice instrument for learning the bagpipe, though he never graduated to the full pipes, and he owned a plaid cap too—plus a "Scotland the Brave" sweatshirt.
When it comes to Scottish romance heroes, I've long had an obsession with those kinds of stories. Historical romances introduced me to sexy Highlanders many years ago, and my literary love affair with them has only intensified. I mean, come on, the accent is hot! That's one reason I prefer to "read" Scottish romances in audiobook form, preferably with a male narrator who can assume a deep, sensual brogue for the hero. Phil Gigante reading Karen Marie Moning's Highlander books sends me hunting for a fan every time!
It's only natural my love of Scotland, and especially hunky Highlanders, would influence into my own writing. Dangerous in a Kilt is the culmination of a lifetime fascination, but it's hardly the last book I'll write about the beautiful and mysterious men—er, country. I plan on feeding my hunger for sizzling Scotsmen with many more romances to come, including more stories in the Hot Scots series, of which Dangerous in a Kilt is the first book.
Why do you love hot Scots?

Author bio and links

Anna Durand is an award-winning romance writer specializing in steamy romances populated with spunky heroines and hunky heroes, in settings as diverse as modern Chicago and the fairy realm. Her romances have to date won eight awards and her novel Intuition was a 2016 RONE Award nominee, while her short story Tempted by a Kiss was a finalist in The Romance Reviews 2016 Readers' Choice Awards. Anna also maintains a blog, Spunk & Hunks, where she writes her own articles and reviews romance books, as well as hosting wonderful guest authors.

Spunk & Hunks blog:
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Dangerous in a Kilt Buy Links:

The e-book has a special pre-order price of $0.99 and regular price will be $4.99. The special will extend through part of the tour, as the release date is 12/16. 


  1. congrats on the tour and thanks for the chance to win :)

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  4. Congrats on the new book and good luck on the book tour!

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  7. Where is your favorite spot to read?

    1. Ally, I love to read anywhere, anytime, but especially in my living room. I can have a cat or puppy on my lap while I enjoy a good book!

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    1. Milk. Seriously. It goes perfectly with frosted sugar cookies!