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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Familiar places in books/film/tv

First of all, I must stress (once more) that I like to travel and see places - as many as possible. And I also like to read (a lot).

So whenever I'm reading a book, or watch a film or a series on tv, it's ever so nice when the action takes place somewhere you are familiar with. When the hero/heroine walks along a street, you'll know where they are heading.

I like this feeling. Reading/watching then brings back the memories of the town/region you visited - even if it was many years ago.

That's how it works for me. When reading the novels of Peter Robinson (or watching the DCI Banks series on tv) I know how Laphroag (Bank's favorite drink) tastes (I quite like the peat in it) and I've been around Leeds, saw the Dales.

Sometimes reading about a place also makes us visit there. That way we once were in Hyannis and Newport. And last summer we were in Visby (Sweden) because we watched some episodes from Maria Wern.

What about you?

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