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Monday, December 19, 2016

Getting into the festive mood?

Only a couple of days, and Christmas will be there. I must say I love this season! You hear Christmas songs on the radio (yes, I'm old-fashioned, still listening faithfully to my radio station) and all the streets and houses are nicely decorated - our own house no exception.

It's the season for good dining (and sometimes eating a bit too much...) and drinking (but also, try to keep sober enough), of Christmas markets and glühwein.

We already had a start last weekend. Dining - once more - at Bartholomeus in Knokke-Heist. Like always, chef Bart Desmidt made this a unique experience. By the way, they even knew we came to celebrate my sister's birthday (they must be reading this blog), although we hadn't mentioned it. Chris only becomes a year older next Saturday, but then it's Christmas Eve and already as a young child she demanded TWO festivities, like all the others got! Clever kid, eh?

And once Christmas, we're in for a lot of goodies. Two trips during the festive season, one to Budapest in Hungary and the other to London, UK. Another evening of fine dining, on New Year's Eve at La Guera where chef Glen is in command. And then a weekend Antwerp, to see a musical show and do some serious shopping. Not long afterwards, the long-awaited trip to Buenos Aires, for which all reservations have been made now. Going to an estançia, taking tango-lessons, discovering the city with a private guide... Looking forward to all of that!

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