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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Home-made chile con carne

The greatest part of this afternoon we spent preparing a big pot of chili con carne. We like to eat this, so we make a bunch every year and then freeze it into portions. Quite tasty, if I say so myself.

What do you need? Well, for a big pot (we can eat 7-8 times from it) you use 4 big onions, garlic, 0,5 l of light ale, 1,5 dl dry white wine, 4 cans of red beans, 400 gr of smoked bacon, 500 gr prime beef, 500 gr of minced meat (beef preferably), a mixture of spices (cumin, chili, cayenne pepper, pepper and salt), 0,5 l  stock of chicken, 1l of tomato passata, olive oil.

You start by frying the bacon. Once it is done, take it out of the pot and then fry the minced meat and the chopped steak. After fryine a bit, take everything out of the pot again. Then add some more olive oil and glaze the chopped onion. Pour the white wine over it. Once glazy enough, add the meat, fill up with stock and add half of the spices plus the beer. Let cook slowly for about 45 minutes. Then add the rest of the spices and the red beans. It needs another half hour to be ready.

You can already eat it then, but it's even better when you let it rest for a day at a cool place (like a cellar) and then only eat it afterwards.

Time consuming, but you can do it when the weather is not that nice and you can't go outside anyway... And then you'll have chili for more than once, so you can take it out the freezer when you are pressed for time.

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