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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pen friends

Those who are old enough (!) will remember the time when you first began to study English (or any other foreign language). The teachers in those times used to give you addresses of girls/boys of around your age and who lived in countries where English is spoken. Well, not all the kids in my class wrote letters to these addresses, but I did. I got a reply - ét voilà: I had a penpal!

The guy I wrote to lives in India (he's now a high court judge) and is called Rajeev Masodkar. He's a few months older than I am (birthday in February, mine in May) and was also a high school student at the time. He then lived in Nagpur, where his dad equally was a judge. We shared letters frequently and in the course of years we got to know each other better and better. I even was invited when he married! Unfortunately, I was already working as a teacher then and we can not take a holiday at random.

And after all this time, we still share letters (well, righth now we've switched to mails) and tell each other what's happening in our lives.

We've turned into pen friends. We have never met in the person, but we have spoken to each other on the phone.

Do any of my readers also have a pen friend?

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