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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tinder doesn't work for people with high IQ

I just read this caption when going to the MSN page to check my mail there. Ok, I'm clever enough to know what Tinder is (my pupils always used to think that you don't know anything when you're over 50). And I also know what a high IQ does to a person's social contacts.

Most people with high IQ have problems with their social life. I find that many with IQ's over 130 (and more) don't seem to be making friends easily. From personal experience I also know that men (in my case) like your company (and even want to bed you) but they're afraid of a more formal relationship, like marriage. No man wants a wife who's more clever than he is!

So I think it's strange they should write and talk about this now. It has always been that way. It's not always a blessing having a high IQ. Sometimes people don't understand what you say - for you it's easy, for them nearly impossible. And when others tell jokes, we sometimes don't understand them, because they are way too simple.

I'm lucky to have sister with an equal IQ, so at least we are each other's best friends. And we don't need a man around, we're ok as we are.

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