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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Days of freedom

As of tomorrow, I'm officially into my pension. Although I loved my job, I can say quite honestly I don't mind not doing it anymore. Those who pretend to love to work until they're 70 or 80 are big fools in my opinion.

I worked enough and payed enough taxes, I should think. And I'm thankful my students seemed to like me enough to keep into contact as to now. Lots of them share their interests and successes on Facebook (or any other social media) with me, and even remember my birthday. Likewise, I like to hear how they fare and am proud when they do somehting I'd never expected. Like the guy who never seemed to like Dutch, but is now a succesful author of books and plays. Or another one who wanted to study theology, but who is now a journalist for a national newspaper. And those boys and girls who started their own business.

Lots of stories, but now I'm going to enjoy my freedom to go wherever and whenever I please. Unfortunately, my sister is still working for some time (she has to wait until she's 63 before she can take up her pension, due to new measures of our government). So trips will still need to be during school breaks, when everything is at its most expensive.

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