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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer goes out with a bang

For this last week of school holidays, the weather shows its best side. The sun came out yesterday afternoon, and it's supposed to remain warm and sunny until the weekend. It will even be the hottest week of the entire summer vacation!

The coast can't complain of a bad season. The weather here was in general better than inland. It's often that the coast gets better and more sunny weather than the rest of the country.

Everyone I spoke to said they'd had a good season: hotels, restaurants, those who rent chairs at the beach. The terrace of the bistro next door was fully occupied most evenings and more flats were rented than usual, also in our own block of flats. We're lucky that only owners live on our floor. Next door lives a family from Ghent. They bought the flat a couple of years before we bought ours. Nowadays the elderly couple doesn't come so often anymore, but there son and daughter-in-law do and also one of the granddaughters with her boyfriend. We've never had any trouble with them.

Unfortunately, my sister has to start working on Thursday again, so we need to return home tomorrow. More's the pity, because inland the temperature goes into the 30° Celsius! That means staying indoors at the heat of the day, and doing your shopping either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

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