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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The definition of a fine evening out

When you're talking about an evening out, this could take many different options. Going to a nightclub or disco, spending a night at a bar, going to the movies, or going to a performance of arts (ballet, opera, mime, theater, ...).

For me it is mainly going out dining. There is nothing so good as to sit in a restaurant behind a table and eat the best dishes and sample the best wine. It is so relaxing and it guarantees to set me in the best of moods.

Here in Knokke-Heist we're blessed with a variety of fine restaurants. (Well, in general there is fine dining all over Belgium.) It is a region where there are most Michelin-stars in a circle of about 20 km. In Heist (Knokke and Heist were originally two different villages, but they were fused in the 1970s) we have Bartholomeus (2 stars), which is the top. I guess chef and owner Bart Desmidt will get his third star in the near future. But that is not the only good restaurant. Already next door we have a nice bistro and some steps further you have another one.

Yesterday evening we went dining at La Guera. A new restaurant with a very young chef. It doesn't have a star yet, but it won't take long. The chef is full of dedicaton and the right ambition and it's heaven to dine there. Best thing, the dishes are not overpriced (neither are they at Bartholomeus) and you can have a good bottle of wine for a decent price.

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