Tuesday, April 13, 2021

(Wo)men at work

We decided to spend the Easter break (two weeks of school holidays) at home. We don't like to be at the coast, constantly wearing a face mask and not being able to sit down for a drink or a bite in a cafĂ© or restaurant. 

As we live in a house of nearly 100 years old, it's evident that you need to do renovations on a regular basis. This time we try to undertake the first floor (for the Americans the second) with the bedrooms. We started with the smallest of the rooms, the bedroom that once belonged to our grandparents. Since the death of grandma it's been empty and bit by bit turned into a storeroom. We've been painting ceiling and walls and tried to bring some order in the stuff stored there. In the room are two old dressers, which need to be dismantled - a job we're going to do this afternoon. They are made of wood, and that's collected by the town services. When the room is totally empty, we are going to put in a new floor. It's being ordered and should arrive one of these days. 

Then my bedroom will be next. My dresser (a relatively modern one) is going to be moved to the storeroom later on, and in its place we're going to construct a sort of dressing made of IKEA elements. Then of course the floor needs painting (they have excellent floor paint nowadays) as we did with the staircase. Afterwards we're gong to tackle my sister's bedroom.

Oh yes, and in the meantime I got my invitation for vaccination! Next week I'll get my first shot with the Pfizer vaccin. My second shot will be by May 27th. It was my luck that I'm not yet 65. My birthday is in May. They now vaccinate people with health risks of 64 and younger. So most likely I was one of the first on this list! My sister hopes to receive her invitation one of the following weeks, as she is also on the list of risk patients. 

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