Saturday, August 11, 2018

End of the heatwave

The long stretch of extremely warm and sunny weather has come to an end, with some thunderstorms on the go. Here at the coast it was not so bad, but other parts of the country (and also neighboring countries) shared in the flood and inundations.

The change was marked by an extremely cold day, with storm-force wind to go. Not very nice!!! Today looks a bit better, as we see the sun through the clouds. Could finally do some washing, as here we depend on nice weather because we have to dry outside. And tomorrow should even be better.

For me it didn't have to be that warm anymore, but I'd hoped it could stay nice enough until we head back home later this month. Two more weeks, was that too much to ask?

So 2018 won't be one of the best summers ever. I keep a journal about the weather in summer since 1993. I mark the weather conditions of each day, and so I can say that up to now 1995 has been the best summer ever (44 sunny days on a total of 62 of July and August), while 2013 comes up as second with 43 days. July 2016 was the best July ever, with very hot temperatures and 25 sunny days.

Do other people also keep stats about the weather? If so, please leave a comment!

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