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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Belgium doesn't only export beer and chocolate. Since lately we also have other export products, like good films made in Flanders (see The Broken Circle Breakdown, nominated for an Oscar), good singers (like Selah Sue).

Stromae is another of these artist who'll make it worldwide. Stromae is a Belgian singer-songwriter of electronic music and hiphop, born as Paul Van Haver. His father was Rwandese, his mother originates from my town of birth, Dendermonde. Paul was born in Etterbeek (Brussels) and is French-speaking.

His first big hit was 'Alors on dance' - a number one hit in nummer 1-hit in Holland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria and Belgium. For this song he won two MIA (Music Industry Awards) in 2010.

Last year his second album, Racine Carreé was introduced, and some of the singles are already big hits, like 'Formidable' and 'Tous les mèmes'. In France he sold more than a million of this album and he won three Victoires de la musique' (the French version of the Grammy's).

Better still, well-known blogger Perez Hilton praises Stromae in his blog. Well, we all know that Perez likes Belgian artist. It's thanks to him that Selah Sue has won some recognition in the States (also Prince likes her and when possible attends her concerts). He wrote he cannot understand why Stromae is still a big unknown in the States.

Personally I'm not quite into French songs, but I do like the songs Stromae makes. It's music I can listen to and sing along with.

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