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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Who's behind the mask?

This is THE questions that currently occupies most minds over here. Is it Kate Ryan, or...?

Each Sunday night 'Eurosong' is aired, a talent show in which the candidate for this year's Eurovision Song Contest is appointed. Alternatively the Flemish TV1 and the French La Une organize this event, in which the Belgian candidate is chosen.

So this year it is TV 1 and they decided to have a few nights of talent searching, mostly to attract more viewers. Some well-known artists from Flemish stock are taking part, but what draws most comments is the performance of a group of masked men and one woman, who are doing rather well.

From the first day, everyone was guessing who is this masked female. Most people think it is singer Kate Ryan, who already took part in Eurosong some years ago and was chosen to go to the Contest. She did not end up first, but who cares?

Kate Ryan herself denies the suspicions. She is in Sochi, she says, because she was asked to perform there. So she could not well be in two places at the same time. But is this true? Some claim to have seen Ryan boarding a plance AFTER last Sunday's broadcast...

Well, it is certainly something that will keep viewers wondering for some time longer....

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