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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Global Positioning Systems don't always work properly...

Yesterday's fun topic in the news was the busdriver who drove his bus La Plagne - but not the La Plagne in the Alps, but another place near the Spanish border. Luckily for him the guys he was transporting (a group of men who wanted to do a weekend of short ski) could see the humor of it. Better still, they did not have to pay for their trip.

The cause of the problem was that the busdriver did not have the correct address. He just knew the group needed to go to La Plagne. Evidently, there can be a problem when two towns (or villages) with the same name exist.

I also know of a friend of mine (in the early days of GPS) who followed the instruction faithfully - and drove into the open garage of complete strangers!

Do you have good experiences with your GPS?

I don't use it. When I need to go somewhere, I consult a good old fashioned street map. Old-fashioned or not, I haven't lost my way yet!

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