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Monday, March 23, 2015

Unexpected act in Belgium's Got Talent

Those who watch this kind of program know you're often in for a surprise. Remember Paul Potts and Susan Boyle in Great-Britain, and last season's singing nun in the Italian The Voice.

This time it was the public and jury of Belgium Got Talent who got the big surprise. A young boy of 15 - an ordinary kid, who goes to school and does well there, has friends and goes out in the weekend - announced he was going to sing 'a song' to take his chance in the competition.

But to everyone's surprise the boy did not sing a pop or rock song. No, Steff Philipsen brought the aria 'O, mio babbino caro' which was also done by Maria Callas and Montserrat Cabbalé. And he did this with his most unusual voice.

Steff likes to sing. He has a falsetto voice, but he doesn't care that people are unable to tell he's boy or girl. Also his friends at school think it's cool.

Steff can't read sheet music. He's never been to music school or taken any training. He watchet a lot of You Tube video's and practised. He sings on feeling. 'There are others who couldn't read sheet music,' he says. 'And they still became big stars.'

Of course Steff hopes to have a career in music - but he'll be just as happy to work in his dad's company when the musical dream doesn't work out. Quite the ordinary guy, right.

If you like to take a look at this audition, here's the link:

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