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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Start to run

The previous weekend, the local school organised a running competition. This time there were 3,000 people, while the previous year there were 2,500.

In recent years, campaigns like 'Start to run' were set up to urge people to go running. 1 kilometer, a marathon, ... So nowadays you see (nearly) everyone running around the local lake or just through the streets of our town.

Well, running may be a healthy business, but I don't like it! I've never seen why you should run (perhaps when your life is in danger?) for no urgent reason while you can just as well walk or cycle. So you can imagine I was no big sports fanatic either.

I try to live healthy. I watch my food, I walk and cycle every day. That's enough for me, although sometimes I go swimming and when I was younger I also went skiing and horseback riding.

What about you? Do you like running, or not?

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