Friday, July 19, 2019

Second heatwave coming...

And not before time! The past week it's been rather cold and windy here at our part of the coast. Even today grey skies dominate, while in the rest of the country the sun is shining.

That's something that happens often. Sometimes it's bad out here and fine inland, or just vice-versa. And it may rain in Blankenberge (a town a little bit further along the coast) while the sun is out in Heist and Knokke.

A few days of warmth and sunshine will be welcome. I do love warm temperatures and sun. This past week we've kept ourselves busy by going to the DIY store to fetch materials and make some new furniture for the flat. My sister is rather good at that, while I'm good at destruction!

Luckily we had our trip to Italy to have some sunshine already. Next winter we'll be in Egypt where the sun will also be shining. And then some weeks later to South Africa. The last years we look for destinations where you don't have to wear thick coats and bonnets. In 2020 there will also be trips to Barcelona and Morocco - perhaps also one to Israel.

Who loves the sun as well?

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