Monday, July 1, 2019

Last day at home

Today is the last day here in Dendermonde. I'll be giving our house key to neighbor Willy, who'll take good care of it. It's great to have neighbors you can depend on. We're blessed with them, on both sides of our house. Also Ryszhard and Anna are good neighbors.

Tomorrow we'll have to get up pretty early because we have an early plane to Florence. We'll be able to spend most of the day there and look forward to it.

The big heat has gone to change for a somewhat milder temperature, and that's nice as well. This way our house can cool down a bit. I've put open the verandah window and all the upstairs windows; this way a wind blows through the house and lowers the inside temperature.

The suitcases are packed already. Just the handluggage needs to be taken care of.

On coming back from Florence, we'll just spend the one night in Dendermonde and then it's off once more to the coast. Hopefully we'll get more of the nice weather!

All this takes a bit of planning, of course. We have to foresee there's food in the fridge or freezer for Saturday night - we have a stew that just needs warming and I brought potatoes along this morning when I went shopping. I also bought milk for the cornflakes on Sunday morning. And at our flat in Heist, there's also the necessary in the fridge/freezer combination. Same goes for the pills I take daily. I always travel with a big sack of them in my handbag.

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