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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Are you a collector?

Lots of people collect things - be it stamps, toy soldiers, toy cars, champagne corks, wine labels, ... just name it! It can become a real obsession, to the point where every penny is spent on the hobby and the essentials are neglected.

I must confess I've also collected items, but not fanatically. I just brought along a costumed doll from every country I visited.

 Dolls from Greece

Since I have seen a lot of the world already, I have dolls from various continents. From Europe I have dolls from my own country Belgium, but also from Great-Britain (stiff upper lip), France, Holland, Germany, Luxemburg, Spain, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Russia and  Norway.

From Asia I have dolls from Turkey, Thailand and India.

From Africa, dolls from Tunesia and Kenya.

From North Amercia dolls from the USA and Canada.

From South America dolls from Peru and Bolivia.

 Thai dolls

We never visited Australia or New Zealand, because these countries are so far away. Perhaps later, if we stay healthy. We also never paid lots of money for these dolls. Some are quite beautiful though, and most likely worth something. I've got them all in a showcase but I'm afraid they'll have to stay behind when we move to the coast in a couple of years (the flat is much smaller and we can't put all our stuff in it, so we need to make choices).

My sister used to collect everything concerning The Osmonds.

Do you collect items? If so, what and how fanatic??? Reactions are welcome, please.


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