Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter is coming

Here in Belgium, temperatures are dropping day by day and it's getting really cold. It's supposed to be snowing in the weekend.

Do you like winter? Generally, I do. I like frosty weather (I can bear the cold rather well, and only put on gloves or a woollen hat when the temperature goes below -10° Celsius). But I don't like the snow. Don't get me wrong. I like snow, but then it should freeze, so the snow can remain purely white. I do detest the mush we usually get after a day of snowing!

What I also like about winter, is that it's getting dark around 4 pm and you can close the curtains and snuggle up in your easy chair with a good book, or watch some TV. I'm much more lazy in winter but I guess it's only natural. Also animals keep a winter sleep! When it's spring or summer, I more energetic and do love to clean, to paint, to do some work in the garden. Right now, the only thing I like is enjoying a warm drink, while reading or writing.

Up to February of this year, my sister and I also loved to go skiing. We usually spent either the Christmas holiday or the holiday in February in one or other ski resort. Over these years, we did skiing in most European areas (Austria, Italy and mainly Switzerland), but we also went to Canada (Banff, Fernie and resorts in Qu├ębec) and the USA (Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Vermont). Btw, the picture underneath is taken in Scuol, Switzerland in 2011.

Due to my sister's accident last February (the doctors still don't know what happened, but she lost consciousness and fell down the mountain, luckily without breaking any bones) she still feels pain everywhere and she doesn't dare to go skiing again. Because we always do everything together, I'm not skiing anymore either.

Nevertheless, we have planned a trip to Switzerland for next February, and we intend to go walking. The area where we always go to, Unterengadin (near the Austrian border) is picturelike beautiful and Scuol is situated well for walking tours. It's easy to go to neigboring villages either on foot or by bus. There is also a spa, where you can relax with a Roman-Irish bath.

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