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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Confess it - you do, I do. Everyone dreams of something better, right?

Now of course it depends what you can dream of. When I begin to daydream, I always fancy getting A LOT OF money... Because what would that do for me?

* About 25,000 € would allow me to finish the renovation of my current house. Still need to do the garden, need a painter to paint my living-room and hall, need new tiles in the living room, need to replace the old flooring in the bedrooms and attic. The above mentioned sum woud cover that, no more need to save up (it's not a 25-year plan, rather a 40-year one!). Right now I can only do renovation when I have saved up enough of dough. Always takes a while.

* About 50,000 € would allow the above mentioned and allow us to do some trips we can't afford right now, like going to Australia and New Zealand for a while (2 months would do) and see Tierra del Fuego.

* With 100,000 € we could do the renovations, buy ourselves a garage box at the coast and make some trips.

* With 1 million € we need to to worry about pensions and the intention of government to lower them. Hell, we could pay to be in an exclusive resort for the elderly!

* With 10 million € we could already live like kings.

* When I'd win Euro Millions and gain some 100 million € I guess I'd sell my house here, buy a more luxurious flat at the coast, and a flat in London. Both my sister and I would love to have a second home there, as we love the town and there's always something going on.

And what I definitely would do as well, is make a testament. I don't know who of us will go first, but the one who remains will first get everything. After her death the fortune would go to charity, not to the state. We both have charities we support, and those organisations would be the big winners. We don't have any close family left, and those distant cousins who never visit wouldn't get anything.

What about you? What do you dream of?

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